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Thank you for your interest in Middle Housing in Washington County.

Our open house and survey are now closed.  Please visit Middle Housing for more information.

What does Middle Housing mean for you?

Local governments in Oregon are increasing the potential for "middle housing" - duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, cottage clusters and townhouses - in residential neighborhoods. This will allow housing options for people in different life stages, who may prefer a home that is something other than a traditional single-detached house.

Middle housing was more common in pre-1940s neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods, people had other housing options right around the corner when their households grew, or shrank, or their needs changed.

Although middle housing hasn’t been built as often in the recent past, the need for housing options has not changed. Empty nesters want to downsize but remain in their same neighborhoods. Adult children want homes in the area where they grew up. Parents and single people want to live in neighborhoods that are walkable, convenient and near good schools.

Please take the time to visit the "tables" below to learn more about middle housing. Please complete the survey at Table 5 Give Us Your Feedback - it takes about 10 minutes - to share your thoughts on middle housing in Washington County.